Fire department to host Kid Safe program

The Collierville Fire Department wants to inform you about their Kid Safe program available to all Collierville Families. Kid Safe is a fire safety curriculum designed for young children (ages 3-5). Initially developed by the Oklahoma City Fire Department, the Collierville Fire Department (CFD) provides Kid Safe at no cost to local preschool and childcare programs.

Did you know that in the year 2018 Collierville fire Department responded to 90 Fire calls?

Each year hundreds of children are burned (or killed) in residential fires. Studies show that if we educate young children on fire safety at a young age, and provide proper supervision, many unfortunate fire accidents and deaths could be prevented.

The Kid Safe curriculum is presented in eight lessons, which include two visits from CFD. Each monthly lesson presents a topic that is reinforced with an activity and a song and a take-home handout. The presentation of the lessons is designed so that each new topic is built upon the last. Kid Safe curriculum topics are as follows:

September: CFD – Firefighters are Community Helpers/Firefighter Turnout Demonstration

October: Adult Tools = Matches, Lighters and Fire Starters

November: Hot Things Burn/Cooling Burns/Close the Door

December: No Curriculum

January: First Semester Review

/9-1-1/Stop, Drop, Cover, & Roll

February: Helpful Fires vs. Harmful Fires/Get Out & Stay Out!/Outside Meeting Places

March: Identify Outside Meeting Place/Smoke Alarms/Get Low and Go!

April: Exit/2 Ways Out/Home Fire Drills

May: CFD – Fire Safety Review/Fire Truck Tour

Although Kid Safe is a curriculum designed for preschool aged children, CFD provides fire safety tips and education to children and adults of all ages through booklets, flyers, brochures, and other print and digital media.

CFD wants every Collierville family to practice fire safety. Often, fire safety is talked about, but families do not have instructions set in place for their family in the case that a fire does happen. 

“Has your family planned and practiced their fire escape plan?â€

If not, do not worry because CFD has you covered! You can pick up your About Fire Escape Plans booklet, as well as other fire safety publications, in the following town locations:

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