Bible Museum Director announces new name, new look for venerable institution

Craig Gyergyo, Executive Director, has announced a new name and look for one of Collierville’s favorite attractions: the Museum of Biblical History is now the Bible Museum on the Square.

Gyergyo noted the museum occupies over 20 years of history, “As well as an incredible legacy built through the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices of our founders.â€

That means a name change not only involves getting people used to something different than what they’ve been used to for two decades, but new signage, a new website, new print collateral, and new social media channels.

Gyergyo reviewed over a dozen names and over 20 logos, which ranged from modern to more classical, and ultimately landed on The Bible Museum on the Square.

He described the reasoning behind the change, noting, “Museum of Biblical History is a very proper sounding name that has a high degree of regality associated with it, as well as a name that oozes a sense of higher learning. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the name. In fact, in more than one sense, it’s a name that has served the museum well for several years. There is one glaring problem, however: Few seem to know, recognize or use the name Museum of Biblical History.â€

After meeting with people throughout the community, Gyergyo realized most people refer to the museum simply as “the Bible Museum.†He even noticed the phenomenon among members of his own staff.

“I also began to discover that while there are many who are great supporters of the museum, there are also many who, for various reasons, have never been to the museum or, in several instances, had never even heard of the museum,†he said. “We seemed to have a brand recognition problem.â€

He decided now is the right time to “reintroduce†the museum to the community, and to have a fresh vision.  Board of Directors members discussed the proposal and enthusiastically agreed to move forward with the development of a new brand. 

Gyergyo and the board worked with professional consultants throughout the process, and ultimately decided on their new moniker.

“The name Bible Museum on the Square is elegant in its simplicity in that it expresses concisely both who we are and where we are located,†Gyergyo said. “We are passionate about the Scriptures – it is why we exist. The unique approach that we take to articulate our passion is by highlighting the scholarly and archaeological evidence that verifies the historical and cultural backgrounds of the Holy Word of God. All of this on the town square that has been voted as America’s finest Main Street by Parade Magazine.â€

Their new logo makes a similar statement.

Gyergyo noted the “B†and the “M†of Bible Museum are well represented, the design communicates the centrality of the Scriptures, and the color purple evokes a sense of royalty that calls to mind the authority of God’s word – and it’s all contained in the cozy confines of a square.

“We are grateful for the legacy of the Museum of Biblical History and now look forward to building the future as Bible Museum on the Square,†he said. “Thank you for your support and partnership through the years. We are eager to serve the community in the days ahead!â€


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