Town to buy nearly 100 acres for Greenway expansion


By Graham Sweeney 

Collierville has agreed to buy 99 acres of land south of the Wolf River for $2,700 an acre in an effort to continue the prominent Greenway Trail. 

The town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously approved the purchase Monday night during its regularly scheduled semimonthly meeting.

The property, located just north of the Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, is currently owned by Lincoln Hodges. 

The southern boundary of the property was originally the “center line” of the Wolf River. However, the river cut a new path through the property, “leaving the southern portion cut off from the northern half.” 

“The town has an interest in owning the property for various reasons,” said Town Administrator James Lewellen. “We want to protect the property from development or logging of the old growth timber, preserve the property in its natural state, and preserve the floodway and floodplain.

“It will also help ensure that no new land use will encroach into the area of the Northwest Sewer Plant,” he added. “The most important reason is to provide a path along the Wolf River to continue our Wolf River Greenway Trail from Johnson Park to Houston Levee.” 

The purchase price is estimated at $267,300, with additional costs for survey work and legal fees included in the budget amendment.