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We made excellent progress in the garden dis morning. Amy, Adam, and I got plots two and five all weeded and all the unplanted spaces planted in purplehull peas and set out mater plants 19-21 and spread out all the bags of grass clippings in plots two and five.

We watered everwhere needed. We ran out of time before we dug any taters. I also put diluted fish emulsion on the Verlington zinnia bed trying to resurrect it.

I suspect some premerge since it has been richly fertilized, carbon boosted, watered, and had a nice soup of diluted fish emulsion.

The zinnia bed on Peterson Lake appears to be coming along just fine.

Next work day, as I try to accommodate a range of schedules, is Monday at 4:30 p.m.

We need to mow and trim at least once a week (needs mowing now, but not trimming), water the three pea patches on even days of da month (plots two, four and five), pull any weeds you see, get about 20 more bags of grass clippings (da more we mulch da less we weed), spread grass clippings on all bare ground, including plot one ‘cept da corn stalks and dig the middle row of taters.

Ain’t God good!20130608AmyPlantingMaters