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Town of Collierville

When one enters the Collierville Town Hall office of Lynn Carmack, just to the right of the outer office hangs a framed Code of Ethics from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

Carmack, who has been Town Clerk since 1998, has proven to be an exemplary professional in upholding each ethical code.

She recently completed requirements and now holds the highest designation possible, Master Municipal Clerk as bestowed by the International Institute. With more than 350 towns/cities in Tennessee, Carmack becomes part of an exclusive group of only nine who have the Master clerk designation.

A resident of Collierville, in 1986 she began a career with the town at the Collierville Police Department and began work in Town Hall in 1995. Nominated and appointed as Town Clerk in 1998, she has continued to pursue her education with special studies and accomplishments as a Municipal Clerk, first through the state in 1998, then as a Certified Clerk in 1999 and completed Master Municipal Clerk designation in Jun e2014.

She is now completing the second of a two-year term as President of Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Records and received the Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

The title of town clerk is a position that is appointed by a full vote of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and reports to James Lewellen, Collierville Town Administrator.

“Lynn always makes sure our records are absolutely accurate and amazes me how fast she can locate any file she is responsible for,” Lewellen said.

As town clerk, Carmack takes her responsibility very seriously. She began studies for the Master Municipal Clerk designation, “because I care about this Town and my job. I felt this would help me fulfill this position with more knowledge and understanding, so I pursued it.”

Lewellen commented, “It’s the high standards she places on herself that shows through in this achievement. At a time when some would be thinking of retirement, she is thinking about getting better. That is why she is one of the most respected clerks in the state among her peers.

“Lynn is meticulous and that’s what you need from a records keeper,” he continued. “She has it done before I can even ask.”

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