Town changes residential sprinkler requirements, fire fees | Collierville Independent


The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved an ordinance that will make the town’s sprinkler system requirements less restrictive

and increase fire facility fees.

The town currently requires new homes that are at least 4,500 square feet to be equipped with automatic sprinkler systems. However, a survey

conducted on other municipalities, including Germantown and Franklin, Tenn., found the town’s requirements “considerably more restrictive than its peers.”

“This may place Collierville at a competitive disadvantage in relation to its peer cities,” said Josh Suddath, assistant town administrator.

Suddath noted that sprinkler systems increase home construction costs by $1.35 a square foot.

The ordinance increases the threshold for sprinkler system requirements from 4,500 to 5,500 square feet.

It also increases the fire facility fee for multi-family apartments from $150 to $300.

Fees for family residential properties that are between 3,500- to- 5,500 square feet will now be 30 cents per square foot.

Suddath said the funds collected from the fire facility fees are used to purchase fire facilities.