Collierville volunteers work to improve lives | Collierville Independent


Within the Collierville Police Department is a group of 25 volunteers who are known as the Special Citizen Volunteer Program.

This group assists the police department with activities like traffic control, neighborhood watch, transporting cars for maintenance, helping at the Fourth of July event, updating emergency contacts for all businesses in Collierville, visiting every new comer with an information packet, checking homes while residents are on vacation, and more.

While checking on elderly residents, volunteers learned that Savanna Fuzz had fallen from her wheelchair while leaving her house.

“We could see there was a need for a ramp with a gentle slope,” said member Mike Lindsey.

So Lindsey, along with Roger Kinnear and Harry Pittman, decided to build a ramp to assist Fuzz in getting out of her house.

“We also installed a handrail for another shut-in, Mrs. Bessie Jones, who is blind, to assist her in getting into her home,” Lindsey said. “We take pride in the fact that we can be of help to the Collierville community.”20130513-DSC_4965