Board closes investigation on ethics complaint regarding usage of town seal | Collierville Independent


An ethics complaint against Alderman Billy Patton regarding the use of the town’s seal associated with election literature has been closed.

The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously voted to close the investigation Friday when it became clear that the town does not have any concrete regulations on the use of the town seal.

Town Attorney Nathan Bicks was instructed by the board last month to investigate the matter when Town Administrator James Lewellen filed an ethics complaint against Patton.

Lewellen said that someone left him a packet with Patton’s campaign literature and a business card enclosed. The card included an image of the town seal, which Lewellen said could be a violation of town’s code of ethical conduct for officials.

After sharing the results of his investigation with board members last Friday, Bicks said the town currently does not have any clear rules regarding the use of the town seal.