Board approves resolution in effort to set salaries for elected officials | Collierville Independent


The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a resolution Monday night requesting that the town be allowed to set the salaries for elected officials.

The resolution asks the Tennessee General Assembly to approve an amendment to the Town Charter that would give local authority to establish salaries.

The town’s salaries for elected officials are currently set by the state legislature.

Noting that local communities like Oakland and LaGrange currently operate under a Private Acts Charter like Collierville, Town Administrator James Lewellen said other municipalities like Bartlett and Germantown are authorized to establish salaries for elected officials.

“Most of the cities in the state have the authority to set their own salaries,” Lewellen said.

“Our Private Acts Charter currently provides specific language and set salary amounts for the mayor, vice-mayor and aldermen.”

The town’s charter was last amended in 2001.

The charter currently states that the mayor is to be given a fixed salary not to exceed $15,000 annually, to fix the salary of the vice-mayor at $5,400 a year and to pay the aldermen $4,800 a year.

The proposed amendment would authorize the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to establish the salaries for the mayor, vice-mayor and aldermen.seal