75 percent of new animal shelter funded by donations | Collierville Independent


Volunteer support and donations not only help mold the lives of future family pets, but also helped build the Collierville Animal Shelter.

The shelter’s Improvement Project broke ground this spring and 75 percent of the $575,429.69 needed to pay for the improvements is being funded by donations.

The expansion will add 1,300-square-feet on the eastern side of the building include a surgery area, laundry, mechanical, prep area and a restroom. On the western side of the building, 1,200 additional square feet will be used as a cat habitat and office space. The existing covered porch will also be enclosed and made into a secure lobby area.

Since the beginning of the project, Collierville Animal Services staff and volunteers have worked together to address programming needs at the shelter.

Insufficient office space and an area for private consultations is a problem that staff faces daily.

In July, CAS staff worked with design consultants and construction crews to develop a quote for additional office space to be added near the cat habitat being built on the west side of the building.

Interim Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Director Greg Clark presented the construction modification to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen at the Aug. 22 meeting, stating that the estimated cost of $19,232 is completely funded by CAS donations. With a unanimous vote from the Board, the additional office space was approved.

“The Collierville Animal Shelter is a special place. The love and affection provided not only by our staff but the many volunteers that donate their time and resources for the animals that come into the shelter is a tremendous asset to the town. These special services do not go without notice from our citizens; as our shelter could not provide the amount of attention and resources to the animals without the donation of gifts and financial generosity of our community,” said Clark.

With construction expected to be completed by the end of the year, CAS is now seeking grants for supplies to efficiently utilize their new space.

Pet Smart Charites awarded CAS with a $25,000 grant for turn-out kennels (areas where animals are outdoors, but protected under a roof). The Pet Smart

Charities Rescue Waggin’ program is also providing $19,000 for kennels in the isolation and recovery room for animals following surgical procedures.

The shelter expansion has spurred conversation about creating a five-year plan for CAS as the population in Collierville continues to grow. CAS Director Nina

Wingfield hopes to add a training facility and expects the need for a small dispatch center in coming years.

“Collierville Animal Services is one of the leading animal shelters in the Mid-South. This expansion will provide valuable resources to allow us to improve our operations and reduce the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals,” commented Wingfield.